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Instagram fail..

So for the last couple of days I’ve seen my follower count drop. I’ve also seen other users report that their posts were being removed without consent.

Today I found out that Instagram has updated their banned words list. And the words that are included are in no way, shape or form a violation of their guidelines but according to Instagram these words are pretty bad.

If you upload a photo with a banned hashtag included, your photo is not discoverable at all. Even worse is they have been deleting people’s accounts.

I don’t know why Instagram have decided upon this ridiculous idea, it was bad enough when they messed with the algorithm but now this too. I know they have banned over 60,000 hashtags but the latest seem a little far fetched.

Here’s the current banned words of 2017. Decide for yourself if you think these are bad or not. Let me know what you think below or on my Twitter @Lady_Nerdvana

Yup. They really banned the word Books.


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