Currently Reading & Watching..

So I’m currently reading Throne of Glass by Sarah J Mass. I love her writing style and find her books easy to hook onto. Especially after reading the ACOTAR series. I’m only on chapter 5.

I’m audio booking Gemina still and have about 4 hours of audio left.

I’m loving Taylor Swifts new song! I’m not usually a fan of her but this new song is really good! I think I’ll like the new Taylor.

I’m currently watching The Crown series on Netflix. I’m really enjoying this. The acting is brilliant and it’s nice to see some story and background on our Queen.

I’m also watching Gilmore Girls. I’m late to the party on this one I think haha. I’ve never watched it but I’m enjoying some binge sessions with this series. It’s one of them programmes you can really relax too.

That’s all for now. 💋


One thought on “Currently Reading & Watching..

  1. I still have to read ACOWAR, but that’s on my TBR for Sequel September. I haven’t read any other books of Maas yet, but I’m definitely going to check out the ToG-series. Her writing style is right up my alley so it would be a shame not to read more of her work, haha.

    Gemina is also on my September TBR – see, this is why I’m doing Sequel September. Way too many sequels I’ve been neglecting..

    It’s been so long since I even saw part of a Gilmore Girls episode! I should check if it’s on Netflix. That would be perfect to use as an excuse to steal the television from my boyfriend once in a while. Even though I still have some Vampire Diaries episodes to watch and am planning to rewatch The Originals, haha.

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