Bookmark Haul..

I follow Meraki Candles on Instagram and was watching her insta story when she advertised that she was selling some Mystery Bookmark packs for £5.00!

I couldn’t resist. I need some new bookmarks and lets face it you can never have too many. There is some beautiful designs out there.

The following ones I received are made by various craft people from Etsy. I will link there shops with the bookmarks so you can check them out for yourself.

First bookmark is from TheGraduatedBookmark. I love this quote and the finish and quality is amazing. Unfortunately the shop is closed.

The second bookmark is this one .

This is from Till and Dill.

You can browse the shop here > Till and Dill Shop

I love the fact this bookmark is bigger then average bookmarks. Makes it perfect for those larger books we own.

The 3rd, 4th and 5th are a set.

Unfortunately I don’t know who made these or what the design is based off, but they are great quality and design. Very different.

The 6th and 7th are also a set and quiet possibly my favourite ones out of all these bookmarks i received.

Look how cute they are! Flynn Rider and Rapunzel. Made by Read and Wonder. Check out their shop here > Read And Wonder Shop

I love these. I’ve not owned the magnetic bookmarks before, I love the simplicity and ease of use with these. The design is adorable and my 6 year old daughter loved these too!

Overall I love every bookmark i received in the pack and will definitely order again. They arrived very fast too and was in a good sized do not bend envelope so the postman knew not to damage them.


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