My Gaming History..

I’ve always loved playing video games from a young age.

I remember our first home console was one of them 42 games on 1 cartridge things that come with 2 controllers and a gun controller for the duck shooting game. I used to love playing that and the paper delivery game.

After that I knew I would like a handheld gaming device so I could play it on my own without my brother stealing it from me! So my first handheld console was a pink Gameboy advance SP, which I still have! I got my first Pokémon game with it too. I had Pokémon leaf green and my first Pokemon was bulbasaur.

I loved the Nintendo stuff so when the Original DS come out, I asked for that one Christmas in pink and I got it with Nintendogs. Since then I’ve had the DSlite, 3DS and now I have the New 3DS. I just love these handheld gaming devices and still enjoy gaming on them sometimes instead of reading or watching TV.

Then a love of PlayStation was born! Haha

Me and my brother got a PlayStation 1 which I loved! Playing crash bandicoot, rugrats, demolition derby, GTA and many others.

Then my brother received a PS2 which I made him share with me haha. Used to love playing two player James Bond with him and shooting him from a sky lift or the top of the building.

I shared a PS3 with my ex partner and played so much Ni No Kuni it’s unreal and other games of course but I loved the console.

I have had an Xbox 360 and recently an Xbox One so I’ve covered all genres to be honest.

I’ve loved every console I’ve had and I’ve never in particular had a favourite. I loved my Xbox one for the games I had and the friends I made and now I own PS4 instead I’m still just as happy. I enjoy playing portal knights with my daughter, lego Harry Potter or Little big planet 3. We’ve got some amazing games on the PS4.

I enjoy seeing the games industry evolve and change. I may not have been around for the “birth” of gaming but remembering it from those pixeled graphics, cheap games and devices,clunky controls and the amazing couch co-op era, compared to what we have now is wonderful.



4 thoughts on “My Gaming History..

  1. You can’t beat gaming with your mates and people from all around the world. You also get to make wonderful friends from people you meet playing games. Happy gaming my friend 🎮🎮♥🎮🎮

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  2. Yeh I know, games are too reliant on mp which ain’t always that good, I love single player with couch coop but yeh like everything in gaming they going for mp instead of the usual. And cocking it up as usual. Lol rant over.


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