Book Box Club Unboxing!

Book Box Club – April

Another wonderful Book Box Club unboxing.

If you would like to know more about this subscription service then please check out my Book Box Club-December  unboxing which has more details on the service.

Lets get into the unboxing below.


2017-05-27 11.29.04

April’s theme was Belles & Beasts

This months book was Haunted by Megan Spooner – I have yet to read this book. I read the first chapter and enjoyed it especially how the chapters start with hand written type letters/notes. I didn’t read more because of studying for university but i am hoping to pick this up soon. It’s a wonderful retelling of the much-loved beauty and the beast story.

Beauty & The Beast quote flag – by fox + Lilly – two designs were available for this wonderful little flag created exclusively for book box club members if you would like to check out their shop you can find it here : Fox + Lilly Shop

Belle coaster – by Bird Illustration I love this unique little coaster, the design and art style is beautiful. you can find it here at :  Belle Coaster

Mrs Potts & Chip chocolate lollies – by Maple Molly’s – these were delicious! myself and my 6-year-old ( i had no choice but to share apparently) had these and they were Devine. so smooth and creamy and wonderful flavouring. You can find them here : Maple Molly’s

Beast Sticker – by Cirtolthioel – ok, how darn cute is that beast sticker though? it’s just adorable! if you would like one you can find it here : Cute Beast Sticker

Book Box Club postcard set – designed by the ladies behind book box club these beautifully designed postcards are almost too good to use.

Other bookish goodies provided by Hodder & Stoughton and David Fickling Books

I hope you enjoyed this unboxing. Let me know if you pick up any of these items on my twitter @Lady_Nerdvana



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