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If you like to talk books and other nerdy things I have a Facebook group open that you can join and meet other bookish people. I'm also looking into setting up an Instagram group chat about the ACOTAR series (a court of thorns and roses) Here's what you need to search for ⬇️Facebook Group.My Instagram.

Currently Reading Update..

Ok so I changed my currently reading in my last post. The book I'm reading at the moment is this one ⬇️I'm also audio booking Gemina by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff the second book in the illuminae files. I am really enjoying Summer at little beach street bakery. There's one character whom I am... Continue Reading →

Girls Fashion..

My daughter picked this outfit for herself yesterday so wanted to share. (She's 6)It's from Next. We don't usually buy clothes from there for her but this outfit was too adorable to pass up. I love that it'a a dress and leggings so a complete outfit for her. She's taking it on our holiday next... Continue Reading →

My social media..

If you would like to follow me on my social media please check my contact tab (just click the link) and there is links to my social media profiles. 💋 Contact

Bookish News..

So for anyone who's a fan of the ACOTAR series (a court of thrones and roses) like I am, you'll be extremely excited to hear that S J Mass is bringing out a novella narrated by Rhys and Feyre next year before the new trilogy comes out! I see the news on Mass's Instagram account... Continue Reading →

The Weekend..

Ahh don't you just love fun weekends. Saturday I went to the cinema and see Dunkirk which was epic! Very emotional and well acted, really makes you think about what they went through, lunch at Nando's and then Drinks with someone very special to me. I had such a wonderful time. I didn't want it... Continue Reading →

My TBR..

This is my Too Be Read list. This is everything I currently have to read on my bookshelves and kindle. Be warned. This is going to be long! I just cant help but buy books haha. I'm not a fussy reader to be honest. I will happily read anything.Currently Reading Harry Potter and the chamber... Continue Reading →

Currently Reading..

I'm currently reading Harry Potter as I've been re reading the series and I'm loving it! Experiencing it all over again it's just magical.Also started All the bright places. Only 6 pages in but so far it's interesting very different to anything I've read previously. I'll update more about all the bright places once I've... Continue Reading →

Learning new things..

So I'm 25 and I recently started an open university science course. At first I loved the course, I loved the content and I thought this was going to be my future but the more i progressed the more i started dislike it and found it hard to study.As a single working mum I could... Continue Reading →

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